About Sky Ltd.


The team of experienced managers of Sky ltd. company works on the ukrainian market for the period more than 15 years. ved1Being a company with foreign investments we were able to organise successful cooperation not just inside Ukraine, but also with partners abroad. Our partners are owners of strongly organized production of materials in India, China, Russia and Ukraine. Mutually beneficial cooperation and transparent business has always been as a guarantee of lasting and successful cooperation for «Sky Ltd». Our company do not stand still, we are constantly researching conditions of the market and provide new opportunities for different activities for our business.

Our goals

ved3Our main goal is in providing ukrainian population with qualified non-food products like chemicals, home textiles and others. The cost of such products from Sky Ltd. company is on the edge of possible minimal prices for these products on European market. The permanent scan of the market helps us keeping strong position among big amount of competitors. Such business model which is low prices with a proper quality of our products keeps with us biggest stores as well as retail buyers of Ukraine for years. The heart of everything we do is based on three core values ​​that have been formed by our company. These cores support the foundation of our business. And they are — customer care, teamwork and continuous improvement of ourselves.

Global care

ved2For «Sky Ltd» business based not just on the process of making money, but also on an ethical principles and honesty in every situation. We are respect everyone, always listen our clients and partners, which returns back into income through gratitude satisfied customers.ved4

Our company is a global team, that agreed to work together on every stage of our business, in all countries all around the worlds. Only common ideas, technology and talents may help as to reach high level of incomes and maintain them on such a scale.

Improvements all the time!

ved5Every employee, or as it would sound better — every member of our team looking forward for results in the daily work. Through understanding of expectations our clients and business partners, updating our products and services, Sky Ltd. strives to achieve the best results.

Principles of Management based on Respect are crucial for the further successful development of the «Sky Ltd» company.

These principles have been announced to help our co-workers:

- Become more successful in the process of business management
- Appreciate the contribution of others in achieving their goals
- Express thoughts clearly and listen to others’ opinions with patience and understanding
- To be an example of ethical and professional behavior at all levels

Managing with Respect is one of the most important ways by which we can realize the values of our company. Even if someone of us is not directly responsible leader, anyway we are responsible for the construction relationships with other people. Managing with Respect creates an atmosphere in which people work successfully together, genuinely care about each other and help each other to reveal their potential. ved6

Throughout the entire period of the Sky Ltd. company kept its attention on the growth and continuous improvement of products and business processes, as well as on professional experience of its managers. Looking back, we thank all the employees of «Sky Ltd», customers and business partners for their contribution to the common work of everyone of us.

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