Car Spare Parts

Sky ltd. Company presents a wide range of different spare parts for automobile industry of Ukraine from such producers as Tata Motors, BAZ, Etalon, I-Van and other. The prices of autoparts from Sky Ltd. are  the lowest on the current market. This have been achieved due to close connections between our company at one side and factories based in India, Russia and Chinа, on another. The quality of our products has been proved by an amount of our clients for years of successful cooperation with us.
Currently it is possible for preorder at our shops such elements as:


Crankshaft                                                                Piston

Коленчатый вал Комплект поршней

Kit Oil Pump Gear                                          Gear Camshaft

Ремкомплект масляный (2) Шестерня распредвала

Fuel injection equipment and exhaust system

Gear                                                              Assy Injector W/Nozzle

Шестерня привода ТНВД Форсунка топливная
Clutch and gearbox

СцеплениеКоробка передач


Rear Axle                                                             Front suspension

Задния мост Передняя подвеска


Front propeller shaft                                Rear propeller shaft

Карданный вал передний  Карданный вал задний

Exhaust System

Gasket exhaust pipe

Прокладка трубы глушителя Прокладка трубы глушителя2

Lower Steering Shaft                                        Tie rod

Вал рулевой нижний Наконечник рулевой тяги левый

Power Steering

Power Steering Pump                                       Reducer

Натяжитель насоса ГУР Редуктор ГУР
Cooling and heating system

Water pump shaft                                              Ventilator

Вал водяного насоса Крыльчатка вентилятора

Tank cooling system                                         Radiator

Бачок системы охлаждения Радиатор ДВС
Brake system

Brake camshaft                                      Air Cylinders and Solenoid Valves

Вал разжимного кулака Клапан магнитный с цилиндром

Generator 24 V                                               Electric Fuel Pump

Генратор 24 В Электрический насос подскачки топлива


Handle lock outer                                             Diode Bridge

Ручка замка наружного Диодный мост генератора

Cable                                                                        Filters

Троса Фильтры

And many others that are essential for the proper work of your automobile.

All products supplied by Sky Ltd. are licensed in Ukraine and have all necessary quality certificates.

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